~ Please read carefully, as failure to comply may result in surcharges ~


  • Please arrive when booking time begins.

  • first gain entrance to building by using Buzzer “ 0-1954” (Press slowly and firmly)

  • Go up the stairs to studio 202 named “Wade”- if door is locked call 416.907.5662 for unlocking.

Common Courtesy

  • Do not drag furniture or equipment across floor- pick up and place it.

  • Leave the space as you have found it or $50 cleaning fee is incurred.

  • 1. Garbage placed in the garbage (a large bin is located in the left most drawer of the kitchen).

  • 2. Equipment is coiled and placed exactly where you found it.

  • cleanliness is judged by studio owner and cannot be disputed as per this agreement.


  • Please depart at end of booking time (15 minute grace period).

  • Overtime is charged at $25 per half hour. (security camera enforces this charge)


  • Please note there is a 24hr security camera located at the main entrance.

  • It is for liability, damage, injury, witnessing arrival /departure times and equipment usage logging.

  • If any member of your party wants absolute privacy please contact studio manager as exceptions can be made.


  • At the current moment, no building spots are reserved for Wade Studio but street parking is free!


  • if you choose to reschedule- you must do so before 5 days of your booking otherwise a $150 rescheduling fee is incurred.

  • no refunds are given to cancelations within 5 days of booking. If cancelled before 5 days a 100% refund is paid out.

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