~ Please read carefully, as failure to comply may result in surcharges ~


  • Buzzer is 0-1954

  • Please arrive when booking time begins.

Common Courtesy

  • Do not drag equipment across floor- pick up and place it.

  • Leave the space as you have found it or $50 cleaning fee is incurred. 1. Garbage placed in the garbage 2. Equipment is coiled and placed exactly where you found it. (cleanliness is judged by studio owner and cannot be disputed).


  • Please depart at end of booking time (10 minute grace period).

  • Overtime is charged at $25 per half hour.


  • Please note there is a 24hr security camera located at the main entrance of the studio however footage is not stored on a hard drive or anywhere locally but stores online for 10 days then automatically deleted. It is for liability, damage, injury, witnessing arrival /departure times and equipment usage logging. Please note the camera is crucial to running the studio efficiently and ideally should never be turned off. If any member of your party wants absolute privacy please contact studio manager as exceptions can be made.


  • At the current moment, no building spots are reserved for Wade Studio but street parking is free!


Cancellation requires 72 hours notice otherwise 50% of total booking fee will be incurred (50% refund).Cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of the booking time receives no refund.

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